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List of individual services

Brand strategy & product segmentation
  • Design and management of PPC campaign including Google Merchant

  • Direct marketing including complete production and design

  • Email marketing including complete HTML /CSS design

  • Graphic design including video and animation

  • Banners and design of other online media advertising formats

  • Complete production of marketing products, especially focusing on complex projects

  • Database marketing focus on data management and utilising customer data

  • B2C and B2B loyalty program design and regular customer base maintenance

  • Long term experience with B2B and B2C marketing programs

How and for what can our services be used?

Type of communication
  • Proper targeting of customer segments and product support in both B2C and B2B segments

  • Fan marketing - promoting the brand and building long-term relationships (online boutique)

  • Direct communication (direct mail, individual offers)

  • Point of sale communication (product specific support, brand communication, selection assistance)

  • CRM communication (interactive magazines, customer retention projects, individual offers)

  • Events (product presentations, navigation, entertainment)

  • Public Relations activities (invitations, product launches, press conferences)

  • Sales channel support (sales representatives - interactive presentations)

Retrieved from
  • Acquisition of new customers

  • Retention of existing customers

  • Brand and product communication

  • Exhibitions, showrooms, mobile presentations

  • Interactive product or event support

  • Sales channel support tool


You won't find any "boxed" products with us. We create customised solutions that cover your customers' needs and use latest technologies.

... and this is our approach
  • Understanding your product and communication objectives

  • Joint analysis of your (customer) communication needs

  • Solution design and prototype preparation including ROI calculation. Customer testing - collecting customer comments

  • Adjustment of the communication solution concept based on the evaluation of all comments

  • Design and production of the final product

  • Continuous acquisition of customer comments and regular modification of the product according to your requirements

We can completely outsource a brand's customer boutique
  • Complete online boutique creation (including graphic and technical solutions)

  • Creation of the structure of sales items, their design and custom production (using already existing products)

  • Creation of B2C (or B2B - corporate) sales and logistics structure

  • Ensuring online marketing communication to support the boutique (connection with ATL / BTL communication of the series)

  • Order distribution and customer support for all customer segments

  • Ensuring offline presentation/sales as part of marketing activities

  • Contractual fee for sales made (in the form of % of sales or profit)

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